Parts, structures and components from different sectors, such as the automotive one, are frequently subjected to high levels of stress due to chemical and mechanical influences. In particular, several components of the vehicle body and chassis are exposed to external factors such as humidity in cavities (cavity waxing), salt or stone chips.

USCAL develops coating application systems which protect components against damage (impacts, oxidation, and corrosion), increasing their life-cycle.

These systems implement a versatile and innovative technology, which ensure a full coverage of the areas to be protected with optimum product consumption. The tailor-made nozzles for each application allow the achievement of a high quality finish in both external surfaces and cavities of complex parts.

Examples of coating applications:

  • Cavity waxing
  • Underbody coating
  • Joints sealing
  • Seam protection

USCAL added value:

  • Coating test area to:
    • Carry out the technical feasibility study of the application according to the customer requirements.
    • Support the customer from the product validation phase on.
    • Test functionality of all the manufactured nozzles.
  • Integral engineering with a wide offer of technological turnkey solutions, fully adapted to meet customers’ needs.
  • Technical support service

The main advantages of our technology are:

  • Controlled process (pressure, temperature and quantity).
  • No masking required.
  • Optimized product consumption (cost savings vs. other technologies).
  • Clean environment.
  • Flexible and reusable equipment.
  • Maintenance-friendly system.
  • Nozzle quick changeover (SMED).
  • Wide range of application cells: hand-operated, semi and fully automated.
  • Process parameters traceability.